Olio Event Group Launch Party

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

This newest event planning brainchild of Lauren Chitwood, welcomed guests into their Germantown office on September 14. The night included cocktails, conversation and music from A Lion Named Roar.

  • Miranda Popp and Jennifer Van Vactor.

  • Emily Nixon and Sydney Anthony.

  • Bob Astorino, Catherine Astorino, Susan Lowry and Ed Lowry.

  • Lynsey Trager, Elizabeth Post and Danielle Davis.

  • Lexy Hunt and Cassey Ward.

  • Lexie Larsen and Suzy Lancaster.

  • Peggy Noe Stevens and Lauren Chitwood.

  • Chip North, Lauren Chitwood and Katherine North.

  • Peggy Noe Stevens.

  • Lauren Chitwood.

  • Lauren Chitwood.

  • Lauren Chitwood.

  • Jenifer and Steve Frommeyer.

  • A Lion Named Roar.

  • Lexie Larsen, Jenny Johnston, Lauren Chitwood and Maizie Clarke.

  • Lexie Larsen, Jenny Johnston, Eric Povill, Lauren Chitwood and Maizie Clarke.

  • Benton Keith, Maggie Keith and Erin and Michael Trager-Kusman.

  • Jema Baker, Mandy Boyd and Laura Crawford.

  • Ian Dugger and Cameron Nichols.

  • Sara Haynes, Cindy Lippinger, Franklin Starks, Linda Humphrey and Donna Rief of Etcetera.

  • Tyler Anderson, Taylor Barton and Chris Jackson of A Lion Named Roar.

  • Laura Barnum, Lauren Chitwood and Kim Shomer.

  • Laura Barnum, Ron Wolz and Cheri Collis White.

  • Ian Dugger, Nick Chitwood, Jined Lamata, Evan Holladay, Chris Dischinger, Lisa Dischinger and Scott Brian.

  • A Lion Named Roar.

  • A Lion Named Roar.

  • Scott Brian, Mary Beth O'Bryan, Chris O'Bryan and Steve Clements.