NYE 2018

Photos by Tim Valentino

Eventris and J. Wagner Group threw their annual bash at Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center. Tony and the Tan Lines and DJ K-Dogg both performed epic sets as guests danced the night away.

  • Jennifer and Hector Gonzalez.

  • Mckenzie Moore, Kaitlyn Durbin and Ashli Mayes.

  • Paige Albertson, Jennifer Imorde, Bridgid Mahan and Maria Gunnell.

  • Ashley Ferguson and Crystal Prada.

  • Mike Beam, Jonathan Beery, Jeff McLennan, Larry Sinclair and Mike Haws.

  • Tina Thomas and Glenn Gail.

  • Steven Farmer and Carrie King.

  • Richelle Vachio and Daniel Takami.

  • Taryn Mynear and Holly Thompson.

  • Logan Jackson and Maria Gugliotta.

  • Johnny and Chelsea Ferguson.

  • Brian Gartner and Jessica O'Donnell.

  • Ryan Bogner, Handlin Duley, Ashli Mayes, Steve Fernandez and Megan Huff.

  • Mckenzie Moore, Megan Huff, Sheldon Burton and Ashli Mayes.

  • Mckenzie Moore, Megan Huff, Sheldon Burton and Ashli Mayes.

  • Cole Rembowski and Nick Nieporte.

  • Nicole Inwood and Mike Tomes.

  • Ashley Ferguson, Holly Thompson, Whitney Wright, Ingrid Hernandez, Crystal Prada and Taryn Mynear.

  • Adam Younger, Carlos Mitchell, Raquel Ganong and Jordan Pass.

  • Carlos Mitchell and Raquel Ganong.

  • Sharon and Robert Byrd.

  • Mike Tomes and Megan Huff.