New Year’s Eve

Photos by Kathryn Harrington and Andrea Hutchinson


On New Year’s Eve, guests wined and dined at local restaurants bar Vetti, Grassa Gramma, Le Moo, Mayan Cafe, Porcini and Seviche to ring in the New Year.

  • Swaim Davis and Maddie Duane at Seviche.

  • Jerad Davidson and Katie Reece at Seviche.

  • Jeff and Maureen Underhill at Seviche.

  • Kelly Greene and Ken Harrell at Seviche.

  • Robert Stallard and Amber Shelmidine at Seviche.

  • Marina and Joe Tichenor at Seviche.

  • Magen and Lance Little with Kristin and Chris Willard at Seviche.

  • Dana and Brenda Dunbar at Porcini.

  • Allison and Dustin Chamberlain at Porcini.

  • Tracy and Nadine Snow at Porcini.

  • Stan Holland and Lesha Ward at Porcini.

  • Allyson Sanders and Brad Vivace at Porchini.

  • The Wells Family at Grassa Gramma.

  • Michelle Roppel and Bob Sokoler at Grassa Gramma.

  • Olivia Powers and Steve Renfro at Grassa Gramma.

  • The Thompsons at Grassa Gramma.

  • The Thompsons at Grassa Gramma.

  • Joe Fuentas and Tara Denham at Grassa Gramma.

  • Brenton and Paige Fender at the Mayan Café.

  • Makayla Hawkins and Jordan Moynagh at the Mayan Café.

  • Brittany and John Clark at bar Vetti.

  • Courtney, Max, Robert and Amelia Hunter at bar Vetti.

  • Cathy and Jeff Butler at bar Vetti.

  • Jake Beavin and Alison Sipler at bar Vetti.

  • Logan Higgins, Blain Kelly, Steve Soriano and Phoenix Fowler at bar Vetti.

  • Bradley and Allie Ogden at Le Moo.

  • Micah and Stephanie Benford at Le Moo.

  • Aisha and Joe Berry at Le Moo.

  • Roderick Warren and Dori Haskel at Le Moo.

  • Shelby Ulrich and Anna Willis at Le Moo.