New Voices of Philanthropy

On Oct. 19 at the Speed Art Museum, The Voice-Tribune and the Community Foundation of Louisville recognized individuals making a difference in our community by giving the honor of New and Future Voices of Philanthropy. Guests celebrated the honorees and witnessed the awarding of a $3,500 grant split among their selected charities. Cathead Vodka provided complimentary cocktails and Wiltshire Pantry provided tasty appetizers.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Kate and Jake Latts.

  • Prewitt Lane, Diane Medley and Leah Schmiedt.

  • Miles Harrison, George Harrison, Mary Twohid, Elizabeth Howell and Justin Boldt.

  • Catherine and Chris Woods.

  • Ashley Arnold and Whitten Montgomery.

  • Anjali Chadha, Vidya Ravichandran, Emily Bingham and Vik Chadha.

  • Mike Fallot, Jesse Hendrix-Inman and Jennifer Scott.

  • Anjali Chadha, Shelby Allen, Ryan and Rachel Miranda, Emory Williamson, Miles Harrison and Jacqueline Brill.

  • Shelby Allen with Emory Williamson.

  • Anjali Chadha with Emory Williamson.

  • Ryan and Rachel Miranda, Emory Williamson, Miles Harrison and Jacqueline Brill.

  • Ryan and Rachel Miranda with Emory Williamson.

  • Elisa Fajardo Henry, Gaby Shiffnan, Candace Weber, Jacqueline Brill, Katherine Devins, Treva Winloch and Joe Schmidt.

  • Miles Harrison with Emory Williamson.

  • Jacqueline Brill with Emory Williamson.

  • Liz Bingham, Shelby Allen, Anjali Chadha, Jacqueline Brill, Miles Harrison, Emory Williamson, Ryan and Rachel Miranda, Laura Snyder and Angie Fenton.

  • Miles Harrison, Anjali Chadha, Ryan and Rachel Miranda, Shelby Allen and Jacqueline Brill.

  • Russ Hurst, Ann Long and Michelle and Nick Hannigan.

  • Katie Wright and Jami Melbourne.

  • Molly Melia, Carly Melia and Emory Williamson.

  • Liz Bingham and Michelle Magrum.

  • Mayghin Levine, Walt and Lynn Kunau, Jennifer Scott and Jesse Hendrix-Inman.

  • Diane Woods with John and Debbie Miranda.

  • Annika and Anjali Chadha with Aaisha Hamid.

  • Marcella Kragel, Shelby Allen, Candy Medina and Ina Miller.

  • Abby Shue and Bert Griffin.

  • John and Debby Miranda, Ryan and Rachel Miranda and Diane and David Woods.