This signature event benefiting Jewish Family & Career Services took place at the Louisville Marriott Downtown on May 25. The annual ceremony recognizes new or first-generation immigrants and refugees who are making a significant impact in their professions and in our community. This year’s MOSAIC Award winners were Purna Veer, James Racine, Keisha Deonarine, Surekha Kulkarni and Fred Gross.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Beverly Bromley with Surekha and Suhas Kulkarni and family.

  • Michael Fraade, Corey Shapiro and Matt Goldberg.

  • Carolyn and Jonathan Gross.

  • Bonnie and John Roth.

  • Linda Shapiro, Bob Taylor and Amy and Matt Doctrow.

  • Linda Schuster, Beth Salamon and Lia Laber.

  • Beth Kuhn and Deb Frockt.

  • Janet Meyer, Carole Snyder and Kim Toebbe.

  • Barry Allen and Peter Resnik.

  • Zack Blaustein with Maxine and Jerry Bizer.

  • Vycki Goldenberg-Minstein and Jennifer Carl.

  • Surekha and Suhas Kulkarni with Beverly Bromley.

  • Jamie Young, Debbie Roberson and Maggie Little.

  • Judge Joan Byer, Leslie Cantor and Julie Ensign.

  • Carol and Jake Wishnia.

  • Elieth Enriquez, Angie Estes and Celena Olliges.

  • Jenna Conklin and Tiffany Allen.

  • James and Chenica Racine with Mehreen Mansoor and Rana Latif.

  • Melissa and Mark Roth.

  • Mark Eliason and Jeff Howard.

  • Jeff Howard, Steve Bass and Mark Eliason.

  • Allen Engle, Betsy Bennett, Jerry and Madeline Abramson and Ron Abramson.

  • Peter Resnik with Marci and Glenn Levine.

  • Austin and Maggie Black, Amina and Keisha Deonarine and Montrell Bross.

  • Emma and Daniel Briscoe with Emily Digenis and Hunter Sattich.

  • Purna Veer and Anoosh Shariat.

  • Paula Barmore, Purna Veer and Anoosh Shariat.

  • Kristina Mielke and Kim Toebbe.

  • Nikki Westfall and Hanna Wilson.

  • Niam Arobya and Zena Almukhtar.

  • RaeShanda Johnson and LaShondra Lockhart.

  • Beverky Bromley with Surekha and Suhas Kulkarni and their family.

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