Misters for MS

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

This tall, dark and handsome fundraiser took place at the Gramercy on July 26. For the second year in a row, honorable bachelors helped auction off a number of hot prizes to benefit the Kentucky-Southeast Indiana Chapter of the MS Society.

  • Sarah Whiteman and Chris Ehalt.

  • Vanessa Burke, Ellie Devries, Lizzy Sivori and Kim Evans.

  • Chris Hungerford with Kate and Greg Shanks.

  • Stephanie and Todd Lanham.

  • Sarah Mitchell, Trisha Fox and Ashley Olson.

  • Sharron Konermann, Nonie Lyons, Karen Graehler and Dee Sakfield.

  • Will Birch and Randall Caldwell.

  • Jennifer and Ron Zink.

  • Jason Parmer, Cathy Shircliff and Emily Ho.

  • Kathie and Bob McClure.

  • Michelle Baughman, Jon and Linda Berry, Trish Ozborn, Emie Bowlby and Elizabeth Peak.

  • Jennifer Huber, Jessica Sharon, and Jessica Vivona.

  • Norton Neuroscience Institute members, Sara Perry, Hanieh Mazaheri, Madeline Stauble, Yvette F. Rojas, Robin Tillett and Christie Lee Scott.

  • Nick Rehm, Danielle McKenzie and Emily Kern.

  • Andrew and Teri Danner.

  • Camille Moseley, Lindsay Brown and Ashley Quinlan.

  • Sabrina Wells and Maggie Nighthammel.

  • Caleb Piper and Cody Kendall.

  • Jill Baird and Tiffany Wright.

  • Kimberly Gant and Greg Crockett.

  • Jeff Staley and Ron Griffin.

  • The Flava Ville catering team, Tony Hazlip, Dustin Ruffra, Chef Serge Katz, Layla Khorshidian and Carlos Delago.

  • Lori and Steve Siebert with Michelle and Mike Schuster.