Mingle at the Mengels

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Betsy and Art Mengel hosted a festive get-together at their Goshen home on the evening of June 8. The event served as part of the reunion for Waggener High School’s Class of 1963.

  • Bill and Nancy Kitchen with Ed Gillingham.

  • Glenda Payne and LaDonna Geisberg.

  • Silvia and Larry Gillette.

  • Jim Katz and Emma Borders.

  • Elly Henderson, Jim Katz and Ron Suter.

  • Clare Simpson, Martha Puckett, Mary Kirkland and Elaine Pope.

  • Joan, Terry, Bonnie and Ted Ogle.

  • Barney Neal, Terry Ogle, Marcy Suter, Ted Ogle, Martha Puckett, Bonnie Johnson and Larry Gillette.

  • Judith and John Koon with John and Linda Weeter.

  • Bonnie Johnson, Elaine Pope and Linda Ewald.

  • Linda Morgan, Meetzee Moore, Jeanne Hathaway, Claudia Ricci, Joy Vermillion and Martha May McCarthy.

  • Chuck Peters, Tommy Jones and Ron Suter.

  • Phil Terry with Nancy and Bill Kitchen.

  • Pam and Rick Kimball, Hugh Hodge and Margaret Goodlette.

  • Elaine Pope, Suzanne Cosso and Susan Dance.

  • Suzanne Cosso, Elaine Pope, Susan Dance and Bonnie Johnson.

  • Craig Wiggins, Chuck Peters, Kent Breidenstein and Scott Hanka.

  • Linda Weeter and Chuck Simpson.

  • Jim Katz, Martha Puckett and Craig Wiggins.

  • Dossie Neumann and Henry McGill.

  • Betsy and Art Mengel.

  • Glen and Yvonne Anderson.

  • Elly Henderson and Linda Morgan.

  • Martha May McCarthy who named The Voice through winning a contest when she was 5 and Tommy Jones.

  • Kent and Dana Breidenstein with Mary Pat Hankla.