Martinis & Mistletoe

The KMAC Shop hosted the annual Martinis & Mistletoe shopping spectacular on Dec. 6. The free event allowed guests to shop for the holidays, listen to classic festive tunes and taste special recipe martinis. KMAC Museum members received two free drinks along with special discounts.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Suzanne Vigeland and Gayle Wiegel.

  • Julia Comer and Janice Lee Kelly.

  • Susan and Dr. Donald Bennett.

  • Stephanie Barrett and Debbie Huddleston Mitchell.

  • Joe Daily and Olivia Griffin.

  • Janie Langan and Nita Duechle.

  • Patty Johnson and Melody Masoud.

  • Ann Dryer and Elizabeth Fennell.

  • Elizabeth Foley with Foley Prints Studio.

  • Mark Needham with Mark Needham Jewelry.

  • Mike and Sally Harper.

  • Jody and Gillen Howard.

  • Curtis Conlin, Michelle Staggs and Chris Welsh.

  • Jayme Wurtenberger, Barbara Sweet and Jessie Broughton.

  • Roberta Northard, Debbie Pike and Karlynn Hall.

  • Lynne and Jerry Lyndrup.

  • Elmer Lucille Allen and James Tompkins.

  • Tom Payette and Kathleen Reno.

  • Debbie Pike and Roberta Northard.

  • Gwen Harris with Terry and Joe Tolan.

  • Kathy and Bruce McConathy.

  • Cathy Wade.

  • Maya Griffin, Suzanne Vigeland and Gayle Wiegel.

  • Brent Drew-Wolak and Maggie Clines with Anchal.