Mark Eliason’s 65th Birthday

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

To celebrate Mark Eliason’s birthday, his husband Jeff Howard threw a lavish birthday party on Sept. 29 at their new Lexington Road home. Guests dressed in accordance of the theme “Good vs. Evil” and enjoyed cocktails and appetizers by Tim Bishop.

  • Rob Koff and Michael Dees.

  • Ruth Rotterman, Jeff Howard and Elizabeth Dowell.

  • Cheryl Parish and Tracy Varga.

  • John & Trish Handmaker, Amy Graft, Tammy Langley and Kenny Gould.

  • John & Trish Handmaker, Amy Graft, Kenny Gould, Tammy Langley, Mark Eliason and Bob Sneider.

  • Hannah and Heather Hollenbach.

  • Tracy Varga with Hanna and Heather Hollenbach.

  • Michael Dees, Patti Swope and Angela & Marty Arnett.

  • Aurora & Luis Scheker with Raquel Koff.

  • Sister Queen, Sister Bell and Sister Bollis.

  • Kim Davis and Laura Wagner.

  • Nick & Ronda Valiyi with Ron & Raquel Koff.

  • Diane & Ken Kelton.

  • Joan Herald, Amy Graft and Annie Locke.

  • Marty & Angela Arnett with Alyssa Arnett and Kevin Singerman.

  • Mark Eliason and Jeff Howard.

  • Mark Eliason, Martha Davies, Annie Locke and Jeff Howard.

  • Wade & Kim Davis with Laura Wagner.

  • Alex Melikian and Rachel Gould.

  • Bob Wagner, Jo Springer and Tim Bishop.

  • Nick & Ronda Valiyi with Laura & Bob Wagner.

  • Laura Harris and Paige Clark.

  • Joan Herald with Troy & Jennifer Kuhl.

  • Ruth Rotterman, Jeff Howard and Elizabeth Dowell.