LVA Homecoming

Louisville Visual Art hosted its first ever Homecoming celebration at the LVA Creative Hub on Oct. 20. The day reunited alumni from the organization’s many children’s fine art classes and the Academy of LVA.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Stewart Hoertz, Tony Bayus and Craig Schedman.

  • Whitney Olson and Larry Shapin.

  • John Begley, Dru Pilmer and George Bailey.

  • Cynthia Howard, Jerzee Newlove and Annette Cable.

  • Victor Sweatt and William M. Duffy.

  • John Clark, Mac McClure and Lindy Casebier.

  • Karen Hauck.

  • Larry, LaNia and Shawn Roberts.

  • Caren Cunningham, Jacque Parsley and Ann Broderick.

  • Kimberly Thomas and Kristen Blevins.

  • Tim Paschal, Jake Westmoreland, Tiffany Ackerman and Annette Cable.

  • Elizabeth Foley, Valerie Henderson and Katie Delahanty.

  • Dennis Mader and Jeffery Ellis.

  • Judy Riendeau, Meg Roby, Janet Britt and John Conrad.

  • Tad DeSanto and Rebecca Gallion.

  • Lucy Hickerson, Elizabeth Fairhead and Andrew Cozzens.