Louisville’s Own Global Game Changers

Photos by Tim Valentino

As part of the Republic Bank Foundation Speaker Series, this presentation took place at the Kentucky Center on October 30. In a conversation moderated by Sam Corbett, GGC Jan Helson and her daughter Rachel Helson spoke about their successes in the worlds of business and theater, as well as the impact breast cancer has had on their family. 

  • Kevin Lynch and Hiram Ely.

  • Jim and Jamie Broome and Mary Michael and Sam Corbett.

  • Jamie Broome, Debbie Walker and Cindy Dauenhauer.

  • Bonnie, Mark and John Roth.

  • Pam Greenwell and Mike Rodgers.

  • Sheri Metheny, Terri Seltz and Kenny Zegart.

  • Laure Lewter, Kay Lee and Lisa Middleton.

  • MeMe Ratliff and Carla and Beth Kolodey.

  • Jacob and Katherine Mayer.

  • Senator Julie Raque Adams, Rita Ellis and Linda Sailing.

  • Rita and Rudy Ellis.

  • Elliot Mitrani and Morgan Szabo.

  • Jan Nelson, Mayor Greg Fischer, Parker Goss and Rowan Claypool.

  • Carrye Jones, Dana Johnson and Kate Biagi-Rickert.

  • Chris Rasheed of Meyzeek, Kamyah from Manual, Alex from Ballard and Sophia from Manual.

  • Gabe, Harrison and Lydia.

  • Meredith and Rita Ellis.

  • Jake Grey, Leah Spears and Kirk Smith.

  • Dr. Rebecca Booth, Wayne Perkey and David and Cindy Dauenhauer.

  • Terry Ely and Dan Forte.

  • Katherine Austin, Eric and Terri Seltz and Stacy Servo.