Louisville Zoo 50th Anniversary Kickoff

Staff members, supporters, board members and volunteers of the Louisville Zoo began celebrating its 50th year with a kickoff party on Jan. 31 at the Olmsted. In 2019, the Zoo will feature a number of special events in honor of their semicentennial.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Lily and Mandy Holcomb.

  • Councilman Anthony Piagentini, Debbie Peden and Councilman James Peden.

  • Terri Lenahan and Karen Stone.

  • Jill Kaplan and Kacy Noltemeyer.

  • Lee Smathers with Sam and Carolyn Clites.

  • Anthony and Tiffany Schneider.

  • Kaitlyn and Sean Paschall.

  • Sam Stewart and Sarah Daley.

  • Steve Crews and Debbie Shannon.

  • Pat Peers, Tim Moreschi and Donna Woods with Geoff and Cindy Wohl.

  • Robert and Martha Nichols. Martha was the first PR Director at the Louisville Zoo.

  • Grace and Lily Hotkewicz.

  • John Walczak.

  • Mayor Greg Fischer.

  • John Walczak with Dawn and Steve Riester.

  • Stuart and Margue Esrock.

  • Jessica Thompson with Jessica and Mike Dunleavy.

  • Debbie King and Shelisa Gautreaux.

  • Jane Anne Franklin and Virginia Crossett.

  • John Walczak and Virginia and Arne Judd.

  • Greg Frazier and Beverly Turgeon.