Louisville Uncorked

Photos by Tim Valentino

KMAC Museum hosted the first Louisville Uncorked event of 2018 on Feb. 22. Guests and members of the organization tasted varieties of Syrah/Shiraz, and all proceeds collected benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

  • Jabril Goodner, Michelle Staggs and KMAC Director of Communications and Engagement Eric Gurevich.

  • Nikki Carver, Linda Wethington and Nicole Brassell.

  • Jennifer Earley and Megan Schum.

  • Judge Darryl Lavery and Benjamin and Mollie Siegel.

  • George Kington, Drew Pomeroy, Jason Trudeau and Phil Bronson.

  • Sam Sneed.

  • Amanda Rothrock, Rick Pierce and Tina Rothrock.

  • Hala Ziady, Kristi Marcsik, Dijana Jasarevski, Leigh Anne Burke-Schaad and Sarah Barker.

  • Tressa Whittington, Ktristin Binkowski, Hilary Agnew, Adam Price and Kaylee Carnahan.

  • Elizabeth Harrods and Patty Ruffra.

  • Brittney Helm and Dex and Holly Neeld.

  • Jen Mcveigh-Davis and Tara Ward.

  • Brooke Klondike, Courtney Veit, Drew Deener, Jim Wombwell, Mac Davis, Lee Dorsey, Will Brooks and Michelle Sutherland.

  • Kristi Marcsik and Faith Yascone.

  • Kat Gentner, Linda Wethington and Faith Yascone.

  • Perry Factor, Elyssa Smith and Sally George.

  • Jon and Rebecca Schulte.

  • Mandy Jackson, Chelsea Johnson, Julianne Martin and Jenna Ahern.

  • Abby Shue, Maggie Keating, Lauren Knabel and Kristi Marcsik.

  • Jabril Goodner and Joe Clay.

  • Maureen Johnson, Meagan Boyle and Allison Wahl.

  • Nikki Carver and Ann Marie Maldini.

  • Ashley Kircher, Jennifer Earley, Megan Schum and Renee Figueroa.