Louisville Orchestra 2021-2022 Season Announcement

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Louisville Orchestra board members, musicians and administration gathered at Nouvelle Bar & Bottle in NuLu on May 11 to announce the 2021-2022 season. Music Director Teddy Abrams gave a special speech to the attendees while they enjoyed wine and the patio at Nouvelle.

  • Andrew Fleischman, Scott Justice and Lee Kirkwood.

  • Teddy Abrams, Matthew Karr and Kathy Karr.

  • Mariah Gratz and Carla Givan Motes.

  • Donna Parkes, Annie Daigle and Maria Semes.

  • Lee Kirkwood, Kim Tichenor, Mariah Gratz and Gabe Lefkowitz.

  • Allison Olsen, Karl Olsen and Sarah O'Hare.

  • Scott Justice and Andrew Fleishman.

  • Teddy Abrams, Kathy Karr, Lee Kirkwood, Tim Peace and Matthew Karr.

  • Teddy Abrams and Bert Griffin.

  • Teddy Abrams.

  • Teddy Abrams.

  • Teddy Abrams.

  • Teddy Abrams.

  • Kim Tichenor, Kathy Karr and Lee Kirkwood.

  • Teddy Abrams.

  • Matthew Karr and Carla Givan Motes.

  • Guest, Sarah O’Hare and Kim Tichenor.

  • Kathy Karr and Lee Kirkwood.

  • Bryan Heath and Donna Parkes.

  • Louisville Orchestra guests.