Louisville Heart Ball

The American Heart Association’s annual Heart Ball took place on Feb. 9 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. The fundraiser for cardiovascular research featured dinner, a live and silent auction and entertainment by Kudmani.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Vikki Stone.

  • Cheryl and Henry White.

  • Abby and Abe Mulvihill.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez and Ingrid Hernandez.

  • Sheela and Surender Sandella with Syed and Zara Raza.

  • Kyle Snyder, Andrew Chandler and Hannah Mckenna.

  • Lindsay Moore and Chef Josh Moore.

  • Chloe Haffley and Bobbie Allen.

  • Greg and Sharon Stump.

  • Ron and Tessa O’Donoghue with Karen and Harold Morgan.

  • Erica Samelson and Hillary Grosse.

  • Shawn and Dana Bryant with Jutta and Philip Thomas.

  • Jeremy and Danielle Rydberg with Cara and Kevin Joynt.

  • Dr. Barry and Julie Denton.

  • Dale and Erin Shinkle with Wes and Heather Parks.

  • Kristy De Los Santos, David Herman and Aidita Bartolomei.

  • Veronica Wunderlich, Leah Joy and Tracy Shacklette.

  • Dawn Wigginton, Tracy Monks and Mary Witsiepe.

  • Derby Princesses Kelsey Sutton and Mary Baker.

  • Tia Moore and Rod Ledford.

  • Melissa Bennett and Edith Wright.

  • Freda Mozee and Barbara Thomas.

  • Jerry and Christy Henderson with Mary and Steve Raible.

  • Mike and Ruth Devore.