Louisville Ballet Event Honoring Retiring Ballerinas

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On Nov. 13, following the final performance of Swan Lake, friends and family gathered to celebrate the opening of the season of the ballet since the pandemic and to honor a number of our retiring dancers, including Erica de La O.  

  • Beth and Claire McMahon.

  • Farrah Ferriell and Christen Boone.

  • Lisa Leet and Stacey Blakeman.

  • Stephen Lewis, Emily Reinking O'Dell, Christy Krieger and Douglas Riddle.

  • Alex Ludwig, Jesse Alford, Ryan Daly and Tiffany Woodard.

  • Ryan Daly and Tiffany Woodard.

  • Robert Curran and Christen Boone.

  • Tom O'Grady, Henry Potter, Nina Bonnie and Allison O'Grady.

  • Phillip and Natalia Velinov with Rachel Cahayla-Wynne.

  • Robert Curran, Douglas Riddle, Erica De la O and Bruce Simpson.

  • Bruce Simpson and Erica De la O.

  • Janet Denuyl, Sharon Potter and Erica De la O.