LIBA Local Business Expo

The Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) hosted its fourth annual showcase at Mellwood Art Center on Jan. 22. More than 60 local and independent business owners exhibited and met with members of the community to network and educate others on the importance of utilize local vendors. LIBA is a nonprofit organization that is made up of more than 900 members from the Louisville Metro area.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Jennifer Daugherty and Terri Crawford.

  • Mike Sostarich and Frank Miller.

  • Robbie Gibson and Ashley Smith.

  • Michelle Magrum and Eric Clark with LEO Weekly.

  • Larry Singer, Kerry DeMuth and Jan Van Zant.

  • Beverly Maxwell and Margot Davidson with Mom's Music.

  • Annie May and Jessica Haskell.

  • Carly with Paws with Purpose.

  • Alicia Fox, Shaun Spencer and Lashawna Duncan with Trimen Solutions.

  • Greg Schlegel and Ashley Noland with Merchant's PACT.

  • Laura Calhoun, Vanita Hart, Celena Olliges and Susan Lockhart.

  • Randy Cook and Scott Stephens with Louisville Public Media.

  • Amy Wagner with Reflections of You, By Amy.

  • Vickie Richardson draws caricatures at the Louisville Local Business Expo.

  • Mia Shaaban and Taylor Gholson.

  • Patrick Schmidt and Karen Crook.

  • Michelle M. Musacchio and David Stuebe with Fit Money CPA.

  • Staci Dickman and Elaine Banerjee.

  • Sasha Ndlovu and Emily Vitale with One West.

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