Let’s Dance Louisville

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

The Cathedral of the Assumption raised awareness and support for Louisville’s homeless population with this annual charity event on June 23 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Local celebrities competed in a Dancing with the Stars-style competition, and the night raised more than $300,000 for the Feed My Neighbor program at Sandefur Dining Room.

  • Leslie Smart, Sarah Davasher-Wisdom and Rodney Wisdom.

  • Kelley Bright with Rick and Colleen Lyons.

  • Yani and Viktoria Szukk with Nichole Griffin and David Grantz.

  • Kelley Bright and Robin Valenzuela.

  • Dee and John Asher.

  • Madison Ewing, Jason, Jackie, Marvin and Vicky Schmidt.

  • Lauren Hasselbacher, Sylvia Weaver, Dave Rouchka, Jerry Schmitt, Jenny Rouchka, Latisha Schmitt and Susan Rouchka.

  • Jillian O'Day, Linda Oak, Kim McLeod, Karen Lazar, Lisa Law and Taylor Hussey.

  • Tom and Mary Gormley.

  • Mike Neal and Jim Scorch.

  • Rick Adrio and Jean Burka with Caroline and Ryan Jordan.

  • Julia Meredith with Viktoria, Katalin, Emilia and Evelyn Szukk.

  • Julie McGee and Mike Shea.

  • Diane Medley and Prewitt Lane.

  • Anne Selvaggi, Terry and Mark Scharff and Candace Green.

  • Lisa, Elise and Pat Hagerty.

  • Alison and Brandon Egan.

  • Barry Wooley, Matt Saltzman and Micaela Skura.

  • Martha Newman, Mildred Smith and Carey Coleson.

  • Milan and Judi Marcis.

  • Janis Zimmerman, Sharron Shafii, Shanna Columbus, Nohad Abell and Milan Marcis.

  • Faith Sample, Elizabeth Williams, Hope Sample and McKenna Kaiser.

  • Clay Marshall and Cherie Lanier with Steve and Alissa Sample.

  • Julie Reising and Krista Yankey.

  • David and Bernadette Dues with Bob Morfeld.