Lenihan Sotheby’s Visiting Artist Open House

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Artists Douglas Miller and Karen Weeks showcased their exquisite works at Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty on July 12. The event was presented by First Financial Bank in affiliation with Louisville Visual Art.

  • Tommy Thomas, Crystalyn Noland and Lee Harris Donahue.

  • Terri Seitz, Ann Hancock, Sarah and Randal Hill, Mary Patt Sheridan and Victoria Cullimore.

  • Karen Weeks, Wendy Hames, Barbara Stephens and Barbara Cambron.

  • Anthony Seitz, John, Ann and Mike Wurth and Kory Johnson.

  • Mike Sabo, Joe Dininger and Megan Jacobs.

  • Douglas Miller, Stephen Finnegan, Margaret Miller, Karen Weeks and Billy Petot.

  • Terri Seitz with Maria and Dayron Rodriguez.

  • Brian and Megan Monteith with Sheri Metheny.

  • Mike Wurth, John Lenihan and Ann Wurth.

  • Douglas, Abbie and Lila Miller.

  • Blair Hoffman and Elizabeth Lenihan.

  • Barry Stein and Nicole Armes.

  • Sarah and Beth Walker.

  • Catherine Hinshaw and Andrea Lightsy.

  • Sarah Hill, Kevin and Linda Campisano.

  • George Rue, Ken Slattery and Tim Welsh.

  • John Overfield with Kelly and Kitty Pfeiffer.

  • Clinton Deckard and Todd Barron.

  • Amie Deckard, Lynette Masterson and Abby Bell.

  • Dick Wilson, Catherine Hinshaw and Ron Hickerson.

  • Lindy Casebier and Annette Skaggs.

  • Dick Wilson, Annette Skaggs and Lindy Casebier.

  • John and Cynthia Norton.

  • Susan Watkins and Carol Nussbaum.