KMAC Vernissage

KMAC Museum’s Board of Directors hosted the inaugural Vernissage on the evening of Aug. 23. The event was held in celebration of KMAC’s first Triennial, a showcase of contemporary art of the Commonwealth. The Triennial will be on display at KMAC Museum until Dec. 1, 2019.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Susan Tolliver, Bette Levy and Kat Lewis.

  • Joann Shepard, Dana Smith and Helen Helton.

  • Brittany and Miles Harvey.

  • Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido in front of her work.

  • Katie Blackburn and Brittany Miller.

  • ​Amanda and Julio Driggs with Matt and Kathy Watkins.

  • Bette Levy, Susan Moreman and Julia Comer.

  • Mary Easterling, Lorie Davenport and Gretchen Milliken.

  • Chris Welsh and Maud Welch.

  • Miriam Kienle and John Harlan Norris in front of his work.

  • Dalia and Vian Sora.

  • Sarah Lasley and Sharon Fraley.

  • Vian Sora with her work.

  • Mary Carothers with her piece titled 'Full Circle.'

  • Aaron Rosenblum and Mary Carothers in the stairwell where Resenblum's audio piece titled 'High, Low, and In Between' is playing.

  • Kiptoo Tarus with his work.

  • Rachel Frank in front of her work.

  • Shane Aday with Melissa Vandenberg beside her pieces titled 'Hiss' and 'Shed.'

  • ​Lori Larusso and Andrew Cozzens in front of Larusso’s piece titled 'A Pastiche of Good Intentions.'

  • Andrew Cozzens with his piece titled 'I'm Sorry We Are Meeting Under These Circumstances.'

  • Christina Carter and John Schriber.

  • ​Sophie Maier and Jimmy Angelina in front of his work.