KMAC Couture Season Launch Party

The KMAC Museum hosted the official launch for KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway on Jan. 24. Guests of the free event enjoyed delicious eats while getting to know this year’s participating artists.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Lizzie Paul and Audrey Slyter.

  • Benn Bell, Mattie Brown and Susan Graves.

  • Kaydra Hobbs, Brittney Grabert, Dezaray Nicks and Yolanda Evans.

  • Julia Comer and John Nation.

  • Marcos Mendoza, Sarah Shaheen and Mandy Steward.

  • Kela Ivonye, Alexis McGee and Tawanda Chitapa.

  • Shantay Chandler and Maddie Callen.

  • Moon-he Baik.

  • Amber Garvey and Stephanie Kertis.

  • Judy Riendeau, Gina del Negro, Lee Middendorf and Evie Clare.

  • Rebecca Richards and Saba Gray.

  • Quincy Nelson, Josh Hardesty and Kallie Gray.

  • Jessica Sharp, Samantha Moore and Michael Mau.

  • Denise and Kenedra Richardson.

  • Max Levy and Julie Roybal.

  • Abbey Mueller and Sydney Goetz.

  • Gary Barragan and Samantha Roman.

  • Chelsea Powers, Natalie Pearce, Adrienne Nixon and Alaina Nixon.

  • Gill Holland, Hunter Sattich, Emily Digenis, Gretchen Bell and Guy Tedesco.

  • KMAC Couture Artist Samantha Moore holding up her design on a cupcake.

  • Darrick Wood, Damaris Phillips and Olivia Griffin.

  • Savannah Wilkinson and Katie Wagner.

  • Bri Bowers and Aaron Leech.

  • Alicia Antonia.

  • Oremeyi Kareem and Meagan Shaver.

  • Cierra Calmeise and Savannah Wilkinson.

  • Cierra Calmeise and Savannah Wilkinson posing with their KMAC Couture cupcakes.

  • Ruby Fitzer, Claire Schuyler, Katherine Ivey, Cierra Calmeise, Savannah Wilkinson, Riya Shah and Faith Lindsey.

  • Evie Clare and Debbie Huddleston.

  • Liz Bingham, Annie Kerman and Tiffany Woodard.

  • Judy Riendeau, Wende Cudmore and Ron Gurgol.

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