KMAC Couture Fashion Week Kickoff Party

Leading up to KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway, guests kicked off the event’s Fashion Week at Churchill Downs on April 14. Attendees enjoyed brunch bites, cocktails and live music, and the day’s special guest was Jordan Clines Jewelers.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Kris Pettit, Shannon Billups and Debbie Huddleston-Mitchell.

  • Kyla Phillips and Adam Edwards.

  • Michelle Staggs and Christina Carter.

  • Colleen Torrann with Bennett and Chad Middendorf and Weasy Maclean.

  • Olivia Rose Griffin, Isidro Valencia and Laura deRome.

  • Matt Coleman and Lorie Davenport.

  • Janet Muller, Jennifer Ratoff and Joyce Redd.

  • Bella Thomas, Desi Nesbitt, Colette Henderson, Gemma Fetalver, Emi Ramirez and Trista Eady.

  • Back Row: Laura deRome, Shannon Billups, Shannon Burton, Joy Dominique Thompson, Kaelyn Lyverse, Willa Pettit, Andrea Diaz. Front Row: Bethany Whitaker and Aysia Hogle.

  • Elizabeth and Adelaide Lenihan.

  • Bethany Whitaker, Lillian Chodyniecki and Shannon Billups.

  • Wankeith Smiley and Bethany Whitaker.

  • Audrey and Nicole Scott.

  • Moon Baik, Isidro Valencia, Ewa Kubizka, Samantha Romana and Gary Barragan.

  • Julie Bowie and Chris Stevenson.

  • Katie Blackburn and Tara Eff.

  • Chris Stevenson, Julie Bowie and Emily Digenis.

  • Trista Eady and Krystal Cook.

  • Willa Pettit, Wende Cudmore and Ron Gurgol.

  • Rachel Pugh snd Robert Bertrand.

  • Daniel Worley, Mona Simone, Schuyler Van Tassel and Dorothy Addie.

  • Caleb Yeske and Abbie Purdie.

  • Karen Stout and Shannon Burton.

  • Shannon Billups and Kush Nijhawan.

  • Elshadai Smith-Mensah and Edward Taylor.

  • Matt Coleman and Mohamed Madbouly.

  • Mohamed Madbouly and Iten Khalil.

  • Melissa Guidry and Katy Hurt.

  • Olivia and Holly Blackwell.

  • Brad, Olivia and Holly Blackwell.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • Elaina Parker and Hayden Easterling.

  • Aysia Hogle, Andrea Diaz, Willa Pettit and Kaelyn Lyverse.

  • Joanna Miller and John Gutzeit.

  • Michelina Grosso and Jennifer Murley of Rabbit Hole Distillery.

  • Caitlyn Metcalf, Carly Childers and Alexis Cain.

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