KMAC Couture Fashion Week at Physician’s Center

Physician’s Center for Beauty hosted an open house and pop-up shop on April 17 in conjunction with KMAC Couture Fashion Week. Guests met with top beauty vendors, received discounts on services and took part in unique giveaways.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Lee Middendorf, Andrea Hansen and Alyssa Arnett.

  • Sheila Rainey and Mary Pat Mann.

  • Shannon Burton.

  • KMAC board member Christina Carter, Carin Isaacs, Shannon Burton and Lee Middendorf.

  • Nicole Janes and Amanda Walker.

  • Kristen Nagel and Amanda Schriber.

  • John and Brenda Chumney.

  • Jennifer Lett and Lauren Miller.

  • Kristen Nagel, Amanda Schriber, Debbie Huddleston Mitchell and Kris Pettit.

  • Jane Marshall and Sharon Zemanski.

  • Suzanne Woods and Sheila Rainey.

  • Kelly Cohen, Jude Haws, Dr. Lori Warren and Alyssa Arnett.

  • Ilana Kogan and Jessica Altman.

  • Lisa and Mackenzie Deaton.

  • Erin Schepman, Terra Scovil and Michelle Johnson.

  • Chenault James, Sissy Van Winkle, Neal James and Louise Breen.

  • Ashley Blacketer, Dr. Colleen Walker and Ginny O’Daniel.

  • Willa Pettit and Dr. Sean Maguire.

  • Elizabeth Keenan.

  • Betsy Pfeiffer, Andrea Hansen and Kathy Herrington.

  • Jan Shrader and Becca McCarty.

  • Dominique Joy Thompson.

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