KMAC Bourbon Bash

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On Oct. 6, KMAC Museum hosted its 27th annual Bourbon Bash. Guests participated in bourbon tastings from some of the finest distilleries in Kentucky while enjoying poetry from Jibade-Khalil Huffman and live music from OK Deejays. All proceeds from the event benefit the museum as it continues connecting people to art and creative practice through its exhibits and education programs.

  • Ted Kuster, Becky & Sean Ragland with Denise Ragland.

  • Kristen Nagel, Danielle Schaefer and Brookes Pope.

  • Jeffery Smith and Leigh Anne Albrechta.

  • Aaron Leech and Caleb West.

  • Andrew Grussman and Jena Walker.

  • Dr. Stephanie Altobellis, Tom Dunbar and Kim Getz.

  • Kara & John Dayton.

  • Melissa Berry and Jennifer Adams.

  • Sam & Katie Rouster.

  • Lisa Stemler, Joyce Meyer and Lynnie Meyer.

  • Julia Comer, Lynnie Meyer and Frankie Spagnolo.

  • Angela McCormick Bisig, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler, Arnold Rivera, Lynnie Meyer and Frankie Spagnolo.

  • Eric Gurevich and Taylor Crema.

  • Amy Hamm and Sean Maguire.

  • Russ & Kimberly Coleman with Destiny Darby and Freddy Western.

  • Jessibeth Peters and Matt McDale.

  • Brittany and Miles Harvey.

  • Clay Carroll, Rachel Bell, Andi Minyard, Emily Digenis, Theresa Carpenter Beames, Julie Bowie, Roger Beams and Darryl Fischer.

  • Ramona Vasta and Soha Saiyed.

  • Theresa Carpenter Beames, Emily Digenis and Curtis Conlin.

  • Nada Zakaria and Anissa Wood.

  • Joe Walsh, Bret & Lori Borland, Maria Schweichler, Stacy Thomas and Eddie Dant.