Previously known as Bourbon Bash, KMAC Museum’s longest-running event took place on the evening of Oct. 5. The celebration of bourbon and art included inventive food from local chefs, specialty cocktails and much more.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Brittany Bley, Sara Babcock and Dara Gibbs.

  • ​Mary Gwynne Dougherty, Chris Welsh and Mark Miller.

  • ​Anna Bass-Wilson, Stephan Van Treese and Cara Bass-Wilson.

  • ​Tyler Allen and Trace Mayer.

  • ​Elizabeth and Ben Newkirk.

  • ​Zach Johnstone and Natalie Dye with Alan and Raleigh Swift.

  • ​Gretchen Milliken, Mack Dryden and Kathy Atwood.

  • ​Darryl and Leslie Bowles, Theresa Carpenter Beames, Monalisa Tailor and Roger Beames.

  • Jesse Hawkins.

  • ​Ali Longmire and Priscilla Summers.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • ​Jennifer Kramer and Dickie Greenleaf.

  • ​Erin and Jon Clayton with Ashley Bearden, Brandon Jaggers and Aldy Milliken.

  • ​Betsy and Lee Lange.

  • ​Greg and Annie Dutton with Kathrine and Mark Conliffe.

  • ​Clyde and Julie Ensor with Lorie and Rob Davenport.

  • ​Georgia and Jarrod Connally.

  • ​Joey Yates, Glen Elder and Jim Gibson.