Kentucky to the World Presents Finis “KY” White

As part of the Republic Bank Foundation Speaker Series, Kentucky native Finis “KY” White shared his story, “From Risk-Taking to Hit-Making,” on July 30. This event was produced by Kentucky to the World in collaboration with the Kentucky Center.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Trish Osborn and Lisa Stevenson.

  • Kenny Zegart and Steve Bass.

  • Damion and Michelle Robinson, Carolle Jones-Clay, Finis 'KY' White, Ken Clay with Terri and Steve Bass.

  • Brianna Wright, Hannah Drake and Brianna Harlan.

  • Sheryl Hagans, Billie Wilson and Ashley C. Smith.

  • Tom Payette with Maggie and Brian Harlow.

  • Kirt Jacobs and Richard Morris.

  • Michael Phillips and Nico Meredith.

  • Eloise Apple with Ruth and Edita Peter.

  • Elizabeth Chandler and Andrew Wibbels.

  • Rob and Megan King with Hiram and Terry Ely.

  • Lisa Resnik and Joanne Caridis with the Speed Art Museum.

  • Mike Thompson and Meagan Thurmond.

  • Taylor Cochran, Sean Cannon and Nancy Doctor.

  • Lynetta Crawford, Finis 'KY' White, Kathy Pleasant and Christie McCravy.

  • Theo Mackey and Delmar Pruitt.

  • Emily Tarquin and Janelle Renee Dunn.

  • Clayton and Cara Meade.

  • Joshua Jean-Marie, Kenny Zegart and Lucas Jean-Marie.