Kentucky Select Properties 15th Anniversary

On May 11, Kentucky Select Properties celebrated their 15th anniversary with an open house at their offices on Frankfort Avenue.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Karen Mayer, Patty Heuser and Abby Chodkowski.

  • Patty Heuser and Karen Mayer.

  • Kathy and Lou Winkler

  • Elizabeth and Matt McCall.

  • Paul Ostertag and Sandy Gulick with Deb and Michael Hoskins

  • Solomon and Jonathan MacDonald with Lizzie Gulick.

  • Principal broker, partner John Stough, partner Sandy Gulick and managing broker, partner Jay Gulick.

  • Cory Stauble and Tawana Edwards.

  • Logan Ormerod, Brooke Feather, Ann James and Garrett Collard.

  • Lee Stough and Abby Chodkowski.

  • Judy Watson Gordon with Kentucky Select and Megan Resch

  • James Peterworth and Diane Kirven.

  • Anne West Butler with Kentucky Select, Bob Micou and Jill Gaynor.

  • Lee Hensley, Eric Doninger, Missy Ormerod, Logan Ormerod and director of marketing Chelsea Collard.