Kentucky Opera Gala

On Feb. 2, Kentucky Opera’s annual black-tie fundraiser took place at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Those in attendance experienced a phenomenal four-course dinner, bid on exceptional auction items and danced the night away with the band Wax Factory. Performers from the Opera and Cirque Louis were also around to entertain throughout the evening. The night’s “bold” theme allowed guests to sport some daring and delightful looks on the red carpet, where the Opera’s Randy Blevins and The Voice’s Mariah Kline hosted a Facebook Live video from the gala.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Laura Goodman and Ina Miller.

  • Ruth Atkins showing off her champagne bucket purse.

  • Carmel Person and Ruth Atkins.

  • Sharon and Ken Bohnert.

  • Craig Scherman and Linda Marquette.

  • Matthew Williams and Kyle Bailey kept their feet festive.

  • Matthew Williams and Kyle Bailey.

  • Britany Baker.

  • Sarah Dennison and Kylee Marcy.

  • Keenan Burke, Nubia Bennett, Alicia Baldon and Rolandas Byrd.

  • Chip Heuser, Jason Scorr and Jay Kirk.

  • Carmel Person, Paula Harshaw, Winslow Fairleigh, Ruth Atkins, Kathy Finnegan and Anne Burkley.

  • Lynn Meena and George Rapp with Ann and John Davis.

  • Lynn Meena and Lee Mai.

  • Bob and Marita Willis.

  • Britany Baker and Matthew Porter.

  • Tim and Gwendolyn Brashear.

  • Beth Beckovich and Becca Collins.

  • Mariah Kline interviews George Rapp and Lynn Meena on the red carpet.

  • Daniel Gilliam, Nick Covault, Emily Albrink and Michael Hill.

  • Betsey and Bob Vaughan.

  • Pamela Thompson, Cary Hearn, John and Ann Sweeney, Barbara Lynne Jamison and Paul Thompson.

  • Jeremy and Susan Wilcox with Erin and John Fidler.

  • Judy Miller, Henry Kuehm and Barbara Beard.

  • Matthew Porter and Randy Blevins.

  • Emma Bowden and Collette Priddy.

  • Edith Bingham and Charles Cash.

  • Emelia Luker, Barbara Lynne Jamison and Del and Jill Newman.

  • Robin Bray and Amber Murphy.

  • Ashley Davis, Ashley Olson and Kristen Jensen.

  • Madison Ewing and Jason Schmidt.

  • Mariah Kline and Britany Baker.

  • Britany Baker, Randy Blevins and Mariah Kline on the Red Carpet.

  • Barbara Lynne Jamison welcomes the crowd.

  • David Gilbert and Renata Helfman.

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