Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Photos by Tim Valentino

Held at the Louisville Marriott Downtown, this reception and dinner took place on Wednesday, November 15. New inductees Doug Cobb, Kimberly Knopf and Joe Steier were honored, as were the Emerging Entrepreneurs Class of 2017, Investor of the Year Bryce Butler and Mentor of the Year Elizabeth Rounsavall.

  • John Beran and Matt Beebe.

  • Chris Morgan and Kevin Lynch.

  • Liz Wright, Cindy Treager, Mark Wozniak, Steve Rusing and Jim O'Donnell.

  • Barbara and Tom Blaylock.

  • Matt Beebe, Heather Carricato and John Beran.

  • Shannon Stargel with the poster of her sister Kim Brown Knopf.

  • Tracey and Galen Powers, Suzanne Bergmeister and Jeanne Guerrero.

  • Crisann McCloy and Christy Morrison.

  • Vincent Walker and Eddie Woodruff.

  • Paige Seadler, Josh Sowder, Cindy Traeger and Greg Newsome.

  • Ross Ladenburger and Drake Witt.

  • Ed Webb, Dr. Sharon Kerrick, Bobby Clark and Larry Horn.

  • Colleen Walker, Bridget Sheehan and Deborah Dawson-Crain.

  • Ben McKernan, Kaleb Blust, Dr. Sharon Kerrick, Ellie Puckett and Lisa Bajorinas.

  • Bill Strench, Ed Glasscock, Jim Host and Ron Geary.

  • Bobby Clark and Karen Koch.

  • Joey Conley, Jason Steucker and Eddie Woodruff.

  • Chelsea Kirk and Tony Schmidt.

  • Chandler Olsen and Caroline Hafele.

  • Sheri Rose, Tad Myre, Mary Haynes and Caroline Boeh Baesler.

  • Tammy York Day and Alex Day and Tonya York Dees.

  • Dr. Deb Cleary, Tammy York Day and Lesa Seibert.

  • Damon and Stacie Garrett and Sony Steier.

  • Rob Geary, Former Governor John Y. Brown, Jr. and Joe and Sony Steier.

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