Kentucky Derby Winner’s Party

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

The victory of Justify was celebrated at the Kentucky Derby Museum following the big race on May 5. The reception featured an open bar, heavy hors d’oeuvres, dancing and a toast to the star of the show, Justify.

  • Young Presidents Organization, San Gabriel Valley California.

  • Wade and Talisha Rowley.

  • Terri and Ross Bishop.

  • Jiten and Kathy Shah, Suzanne Blazar and Laura Mann.

  • Greg and Alison Credi.

  • Joey Elpers, Lee Ann Thompson and Tyrus Elpers.

  • Will Miller, Teel Miller and Janet Webb.

  • Marty Elpers and Jill Barrett.

  • Jerry and Mimi Sims.

  • Mara Tugel and Emma Siddall.

  • Mary, Sophia and Sam Amendola.

  • Kristen Chase Adhya, Donald Storm, Lee Vish, Libby Vish Carl, Jon Carpenter, Travis Taylor, Foster Kaalinagy, Suman Adhya and Molly Carpenter.

  • Heather Stark-Richard who 'broke' the 2018 Derby winning horse Justify and Hannah Leahey.

  • Elaina Haynes and Ashley Singh.

  • Lisa Vecellio, Heidi Fornalczyk, Judith Gray, Catherine Smith, Nina Vannoy and Chris Cassidy.

  • Matthew Ashton, Jabari Nyomba, Kelsei Wharton, Autumn Williams and Soffonias Gebrehiwot with Gage Travels.

  • Joy Maddox and Karen Muchunas.

  • Kiki Tsakalakis, Sarah Hahn and Debbe Jo Allen.

  • Carla and Todd Rush.

  • Danny Grohs and Nora Chavez.

  • Kristin Chapman, Rebecca Reed, Janet Leitzinger, Alyson Pernecky and Samantha Thompson.

  • Samantha Thompson and David Fortner.

  • Karole Lloyd and Rose Fealy.