Judge Jessica Moore Campaign Kickoff

Photos by Bill Wine

On October 26, Molly Malone’s in St. Matthews hosted this gathering for Judge Jessica Moore’s re-election campaign. Moore was appointed the Division 11 judge for the 30th District Court by Governor Bevin this past July.

  • Evan Spalding and Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Lisa Stemler, Joyce and Mary Lou Meyer, Evan Spalding, Judge Jessica Moore and Lynnie Meyer.

  • Tom Van De Rostyne and Kevin Garvey.

  • Meredith Dreher and Rachel Redden.

  • Justin Aubrey and Aaron Dyke.

  • Emily Funk and Eric Weber.

  • Kevin and Kristina Garvey with Sean Delahanty.

  • Meredith Dreher, Judge Jessica Moore, Emily Funk and Eric Weber.

  • Sharon Swisher and Marita Willis.

  • Jeremy and Rachael Hunt with Logan Sims.

  • Lisa Stemler, Joyce Meyer and Meredith Koon.

  • Sharon Swisher, Judge Jessica Moore and Marita Willis.

  • John,Terry, Teresa, Mary Lou and Leonard Meyer.

  • Rachel Redden, Judge Jessica Moore, with Griffey and Ebert Haegele.

  • Taunya Eshenbaugh and Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Judge Jessica Moore Campaign Kickoff.

  • Angie Evans and Marita Willis.

  • Judge Jessica Moore Campaign Kickoff.

  • Taunya Eshenbaugh, Lynnie Meyer and Meredith Koon.

  • Evan Spalding spoke as Brian Butler stood by.

  • Lynnie Meyer gestured as she spoke as Judge Jessica Moore listened.

  • Brian Butler.

  • Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Guests applauded Judge Jessica Moore..

  • Mary Hamlet, Judge Jessica Moore and Allison Shaw.

  • Josh Schneider, Judge Jessica Moore and Frank Mascagni, III.