The Ice House Downtown hosted the 11th annual Jocktails at the Derby on May 1. Guests at the event enjoyed delicious cocktails served by celebrated jockeys and music from Phil Kelly and DJ K-Dogg. All tips from the event went to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, which works to provide financial assistance to former jockeys who have received catastrophic on-track injuries.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Rharri Rhound with Dusty and Morgan Leigh.

  • Chris White, Cole Tomlinson, Karen Kline, James and Jessie White and Will Chen.

  • Russ Hunt and Lindsey Bramlett with Anne and Dane Little.

  • Greg and Lisa Swinney.

  • Steffany Lien and Carly Giarrusso.

  • Debra Myers.

  • Diana Hylton, Ross Wallace, Jamison Smith and Ty Morris.

  • Alison Jenkins and Luis Cardenas.

  • Mike Tomes, Hannah Hubsch, Morgan Hubsch and Brad Olges.

  • Chandler Bailey, Rachel Harris and Hayley Collins.

  • Krystal Fires, Jim Thompson and Leah England.

  • Ashley Sims and Jamie Cook.

  • Ronnie Ebanks, Corey Lanerie and Jerry Lasalla.

  • Kirsten Bradshaw, Andrea and Drew Bradford and Larry Bradshaw.

  • Chuck McGrew and Jeremy Bourgeois.

  • KT Tarr, McKenna Jones, Meagan Moutoux and Sarah Parker.

  • Jurri Hashimoto, Sandy Hawley, Kaoru Csuchiya Hawley.

  • Jim Mulvihill, Miranda Lash and Mel Chin.

  • Jim Mulvihill and Miranda Lash.

  • Maliko Mottie, Jon and Donielle Court and Louisa Barton.

  • Rachel and Chris Dillard with Debi and Pat Ziemer.

  • Teresa Dowd, Lauren Novak and Tiffany Roma.

  • Cassie Arthur and Craig Mackin.

  • Jessica Wiser, James Ekart and Nikki Wagner.

  • Charles Bousco, Ed Walsh and Thomas Wright.

  • Helen Vaughan and Megan Gum.

  • Patty Tipton and Anita Nesser.

  • Faith Yascone and Andrew Nobles.

  • Jimbo Simmons and Larry Sinclair.

  • Chris Stephens and Wendy Hanger.

  • Shona Rosenblum, Gary Palmisano and Peter Rotondo.