Jefferson Jubilee Gala

Photos by Tim Valentino

More than 300 guests gathered at the Henry Clay on Sept. 20 for this annual fundraiser. Supporters witnessed an awards presentation and talk by special guest speaker Derrick Ramsey, the Kentucky director of education. The JCTC Foundation serves the educational journey of many area students by providing scholarships and funding for programs essential to academic success.

  • Dan and Denice Cline.

  • Alicha and Michael Wortham.

  • Aaron Croghan, Jason Bramlett, Jeremy Melloan, Lisa Bibelhauser and Jennifer Melloan.

  • John and Kellie Sheryak and Becky and Phil Morris.

  • Patrick and Diana Curran.

  • Suzy and Jim Lancaster, Rita Reedy and Mary Moseley.

  • Tara Hartlage, Angela Elliott, Stevie Didat, Anna Francis, Allison Fowler, Zachary Holman and Steven Garrett.

  • Katie and Chris Marlin.

  • Event Honorary Chair Don Fitzpatrick, Sally Wilson, Michael Preston and Monica Edwards.

  • Carl Bensinger and Neville Blakemore.

  • Tiffany Jones-Coleman, Kim Seitz.

  • Darren Wilson, David Dafoe, Ralph and Christy Haas, Dustin Meek and Marc Murphy.

  • Macy Knights, Ellie Fizer, Kim Abel and Judy Abel Burnett.

  • Bridgett Strickler, Jeff Nally and Kathy Zandona.

  • Steve and Shelley Levy and Mary and Joe Bellino.

  • Suzy and Jim Lancaster, Christy Rogers and Kristin Wingfeld.

  • Rebecca and John Brown.

  • Ken Lundberg.

  • Michael and Meghan Ware.

  • Dustin Meek, Fred and Gale Rhodes and Marc Murphy.

  • David Dafoe.

  • Kenneth Badger, Art Krebs, Sanait Kassa, Nicole Felicetti, Megan Bradford and Paul Sirek.

  • David Meena and Lynne Meena Rapp.

  • Kim and Ty Handy.

  • Christy Haas and Lynne Meena Rapp.

  • Christy Haas, Darren Wilson, David Dafoe and Lynne Meena Rapp.