Investiture of the Jefferson District Court Judges

On Jan. 6, 17 judges were sworn in by Chief Justice John Minton in a ceremony at the Mayor’s Gallery in Metro Hall. The West Louisville Boys & Girls Choir performed and the color guard was presented by Boy Scout Troop 212.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Boy Scout Troop 212.

  • Chief District Judge Anne Haynie.

  • Judge Erica Lee Williams.

  • Keynote speaker Mark Murphy and Judge Erica Lee Williams.

  • West Louisville Boys & Girls Choir.

  • Evan Spalding, Susan Moore, Judge Jessica Moore and Win Spalding with Mary Lou and Leonard Meyer.

  • Boone, Brad, Judge Jennifer Wilcox and Caroline Wilcox.

  • Katie, Leah and Carrie Kaelin.

  • Jane Lopp with Tim and Isabella Kaelin.

  • Trinity, Shantell and Kaleb Young.

  • Domonique Sr., Domonique Jr., Antwan and Tabrandice Boller.

  • Kalifa Alexander, Stella Dorsey, Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey and Diane Carter.

  • Professor David Leibson, Judge Jennifer Leibson and Phyllis Leibson.

  • Family Court Judge Christine Ward and District Court Judge Amber Wolf.

  • Liam Faulkner Craig and Judge Julie Kaelin.

  • Boy Scout Troop 212.

  • Judge Julie Kaelin and Liam Faulkner Craig.

  • West Louisville Boys & Girls Choir sing the National Anthem.

  • Supreme Court of Kentucky Deputy Chief Justice Lisabeth T. Hughes.

  • West Louisville Boys & Girls Choir sing the National Anthem.