International Women’s Day Luncheon

The Speed Art Museum hosted its second annual luncheon to celebrate pioneering women leaders on March 7. This year’s honorees included Martha Layne Collins, Judge Denise Clayton, Keisha Deonarine, Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton and several other remarkable trailblazers.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • D.M Honeycutt and Carolyn Larimore.

  • Rachel Greenberg and Viki Diaz.

  • Karen Casi, Deborah Greenwald, Hunter Weinberg and Kelly Carroll.

  • Stephen Reily.

  • Sr. Curator of European and American Painting and Sculpture Erika Holmquist-Wall.

  • Curators Kim Spence and Miranda Lash.

  • Curator of Contemporary Art Miranda Lash.

  • Elizabeth Rounsavall, Julie Roberts and Kim Baker.

  • Cheyenne Mize.

  • Vice President-Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs for LG&E KU Angie M. Evans.

  • Susan Barry, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Louisville.

  • Jenean Hampton, the first African American to hold any statewide office in Kentucky history as Lieutenant Governor.

  • Cheyenne Mize.

  • 2019 Honorees.

  • 2018 and 2019 Honorees.

  • Stephen Reily, Rep. Maria Sorolis and Angie M. Evans.

  • Reba Cobb, Marsha Weinstein and Lyndia Glasgow.

  • Stephen Reily and Angie M. Evans.

  • Gerina Whethers and Sharon LaRue.

  • Erika Holmquist-Wall, Brooke Barzun and Kim Spence.

  • Joanne Caridis and Sara Abner.

  • Woo Speed McNaughton, Dean Otto and Heather Kleisner.

  • Marsha Weinstein and Edie Bingham.

  • Diane Porter and Ramona Lindsey.