Humana Festival Kickoff Party

Actors Theatre hosted the official launch of the 43rd Humana Festival of New American Plays on Feb. 20. The unique celebration featured glimpses into the festival’s productions, bites from MilkWood, special ticket offers and red carpet moments. Festival shows begin March 1 and last through April 7.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Kassandra Harris, Mary Reese and Marcus Edwards.

  • Kelly Carr, Matthew Brown and Allie Summers.

  • Playwrights Lily Padilla and Dave Harris.

  • Emma Leff, Marion Ayers and Abigail Miskowiec.

  • Actors Theatre Director of Community Parnterships Carrie Syberg.

  • CEO of the Humana Foundation Walter Woods.

  • Amy Wegener and Emily Tarquin.

  • Paul Mills Holmes.

  • Emily Cass McDonnell performs a scene from "The Thin Place."

  • “The Thin Place” cast and crew Triney Sandoval, Kelly McAndrew, playwright Lucas Hnath, Emily Cass McDonnell, director Les Waters and Robin Bartlett.

  • Cast members from "How to Defend Yourself" perform a scene at the Humana Festival Kickoff.

  • Assistant Properties Master Katelin Ashcraft.

  • Ashley Hildreth performs a scene from "Everybody Black."

  • Cast members of "We've Come to Believe" perform a scene at the Humana Festival Kickoff.

  • "Everybody Black" cast and crew NSangou Njikam, Ashley Hildreth, Christina Acosta Robinson, playwright Dave Harris, Galen Kane, Sharina Martin and J. Cameron Barnett.

  • Cast and crew members of "We've Come to Believe."

  • Cast and crew members of "How to Defend Yourself" Molly Adea, David Ball, Ariana Mahallati, Anna Crivelli, Jonathan Olivares, Gabriela Ortega, Abby Huffstetler, playwright Lily Padilla and director Marti Lyons.

  • Julie Purcell, Jennifer Ratoff and Todd Klinglesmith.

  • Cast members of "The Corpse Washer" Hassan Nazari-Robati, Diana Simonzadeh, Abraham Makany, Mehry Eslaminia, Gus Cuddy, Johann George, Arash Mokhtar, and J. Paul Nicholas.

  • Joseph Grove, Anne Ratterman, Kathi Ley and Doug Dreisbach.

  • Lynne Meena Rapp and Kelly McAndrew.