Hotel Distil + Moxy Grand Opening Party

On Dec. 5, community members celebrated the opening of Hotel Distil and Moxy Louisville Downtown.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Nancy Bush and Mark Fuller.

  • Jaleigh White.

  • Jaleigh White and Peggy Noe Stevens.

  • Judy Ford and Landra Mulloy.

  • John Shaw-Woo, Loretta Shaw and Shiao Woo.

  • Megan Thompson, John Ridgill and Judi Christopher.

  • Anna Penitani and Jasmine Reed.

  • Vanessa Zebich.

  • Jerry Tulson Trio Ensemble.

  • Lauren Cox, Danielle Roberts and Blair Johnson.

  • Jessica Rayome and Rachael Walters.

  • Rachel Eichberger and Alea Petersen.

  • Tina Walters, Mike Chumbley and Rini Brom.

  • Ken Clay and Carolle Jones Clay with Charlene and Anthony Bowman.