Horses, Haunts & Hooch

The Kentucky Derby Museum hosted a festive fundraiser on Oct. 25. Guests got into the Halloween spirit with tours of the museum’s cemetery and creepy stories about the “darker side” of historic Churchill Downs.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Krystal Patel and Nina Chudasama.

  • Chris Cobb and Lorrie Eupuis.

  • Joan Cassel and Arlene Bryor.

  • Michele Watrous and Linda Swanson.

  • Kristi Maxwell and Perry Sanders.

  • Lisa Huber and Chris Goodlett.

  • Stephan Worren, Nick Amon and Jared Crawford.

  • Cathy Shircliff gets a psychic reading.

  • Laura Smith and Karen Tongberg.

  • Mark Roland, Cheryl Brennan, Anna McFarland, Daniel Conti, Lenore Cruz and Kelly Brennan.

  • Claudia Rodriguez and Eric Conover.

  • Evan and Stephanie Hilbert.

  • Ashley Barke, Jeff Venza and Paul West.

  • Nik Heberlein and Matt Fuller with Great Flood Brewing Co.

  • Sydney Murphy, Lisa Gettelfinger and Torri Coddington with the BBC.

  • Carol Garone and Elsa Rodecker.

  • Lenore Streitfeld, Bill Bissinger and Josette Firriolo.

  • Katie Stephenson and Evin Munson.

  • Lori Marchiafava, Rich Violante and Susan Pinto.

  • Scott Saeger, John Grigas, Maribeth Saeger and Pascale Lebrasseur.

  • Jenna Ueberroth and Tessa Yusunas.

  • Gina Bolen, Tim Moye and Sarah Scott.

  • Eileen Sarris, Laurie Rozeski and David Johnson.

  • Jimmy Walker, Michelle Magrum and Eric Clark.

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