Holiday Beauty Soirée

Yes Working Co-Work Space hosted an evening of beauty and fun at 965 Baxter Ave. on Dec. 11. Participating businesses – including VoilaVe, QApothecary, The Salon on Baxter and more – offered specials on skincare, massages, physical therapy and more.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Benjamin Worth Bingham Miller, Jason Mudd and Julie Robbins.

  • Tracy Lear, Morgan Hancock and Julie Robbins.

  • Kerr Young and Isiah Scott.

  • Tracy and Skylar Lear.

  • Paige Cecil and Alison Clements.

  • Benjamin Worth Bingham Miller, Tracy Lear, Morgan Hancock and Skylar Lear.

  • Benjamin Worth Bingham Miller, Liz Bingham and Zach Taylor.

  • Laycie Young and Ashley Craig.

  • Allison Lewis and Kennethia Shalon.

  • Leann Cawthorn with her Silk Soiree elixir.

  • Brooke Nash and Lindsay Hamilton.

  • Melanie Lipsey and Yamilca Rodriguez.

  • Melanie Lipsey, Dr. David Changaris and Yamilca Rodriguez.

  • Rick and Angela Hamilton.

  • Audra Hagan and Enedina Sellers.

  • Cathy Mattingly, Randi Snider, Nancy Irvin and Pamela Dennis.

  • Andrea Gregory and Rhona Kamar.