Holiday Bash

Photos by Tim Valentino

Kye’s in Jeffersonville was the site of this festive fundraiser on December 14. The evening featured a special performance by The Rumors and raised nearly $12,000 for the children and families at Haven House.

  • Heather Kelley, Robby Valentine, Kye Hoehn, Jon Beyl, Bella Wainscott, Jeremy Sebolt, Rob Marlin and Jerry McBroom.

  • Malinda Mackenzie, Barb Anderson, Teresa Perkins, Nancy Kraft, Jerry Griffith and Chris Kraft.

  • Carolyn King, Steve Voelker, Brett Wilson and Deborah Henderson.

  • Sai’Breanna Garcia, Sabino Garcia, SchTara Garcia, Mattie Cintron, Tara Pope and Angelica Cintron.

  • Emily Pfeifer and Elizabeth Gerber.

  • Cindy Sebolt, Craig Sebolt, Vince Goodman and Connie Goodman.

  • Bill Harrod of First Harrison Bank, Kenny Kavanaugh, Heather Kelley, Robby Valentine, Kim Harrod and Rob Marlin.

  • the rumors.

  • the rumors.

  • Bonnie Luse and Carl Logsdon.

  • the rumors.

  • the rumors.

  • the rumors.

  • Robby Valentine, Kye Hoehn, Skylar, Stacie and Amanda Thompson, Becky Biel and Judy Finn.

  • John and Jackie Lambert and Heather Kelley.

  • Jalynn McClain, Heather Kelley, Robby Valentine and Rhonda McClain.

  • Brian McClanahan, Erin Hutt, Heather Kelley and Jody and Christian Rojas.

  • Deborah Scott, Jonathan Kallembach and Debbie and Tim Green.

  • Tudy and Hugh Willeford, Cheryl Neal and Barb Anderson.

  • Clay and Jennifer Culotta, Robby Valentine and Anna Murray.

  • Chris West, Robby Valentine, Herb Crook and Milt Wagner.

  • Chris West, Barb Anderson, Robby Valentine, Cheryl Neal, Milt Wagner and Herb Crook.

  • Deborah Scott, Robby Valentine and Debbie Green.

  • Robbie Valentine and Tim Green.