Hilliard Lyons 2019 Excellence Awards

Hilliard Lyons recognized some of Louisville’s most outstanding educators at their annual awards presentation on April 18 at the Brown & Williamson Club.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Yvette Hynniman and Marty Pollio.

  • Adeyant Vrishni, Ella Swan and Holden Cheney.

  • Laura Dalton and Lauren McNally.

  • John and Katie Brewer, Leslie Spillman, Jaqueline Carter and Kenneth Moeller.

  • Mayor Greg Fischer and Corrie Shula.

  • Amber Spencer, Adrian Oldham Ford and Charles Ford.

  • Hazelwood Elementary School.

  • Jamie Oleka and Charis Eleby.

  • Lincoln Performing Arts School.

  • Audwin Helton, Henry Heuser and Rae Helton.

  • Westport and Cochran Schools.

  • Fern Creek High School.

  • Sandra Stewart and Gabriel.

  • Lindsay and Ryan Scott.