Greek Glendi 2019

The Hellenic Society of Louisville hosted its annual Greek Glendi at the Olmsted on Feb. 8. The evening included delightful Greek eats that followed the theme of β€œThe Flavors of Modern Greece.”

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Mayor Greg Fischer and Joanna Caneris.

  • Jason Booth, Meghan Dykes, Lori and Mike Balakos, Alena Balakos and Tyler Metevier.

  • Souha Nassar and Joanna Caneris.

  • Joanna Caneris and Souha Nassar.

  • Joanna Caneris, Mayor Fischer and Souha Nassar.

  • Mayor Fischer taking advatage of a great selfie moment.

  • Andrew Canaris, Andrew Taylor, Lauren English, Natalie Nassar, Eleni Digenis and Nick Kyriacou.

  • Jo Wainwright, Jordan and Grace White with Julie and Phil Williams.

  • Evanthia Speliotis, Kristen Kyriacou and Tina Whelan.

  • Patrick and Anna Hayden with Susan and Andre Duff.

  • Diana and Bill Schmied with Emily Digenis.

  • Bill Abdallah, Dr. George Digenis and Dr. Shiao Woo.

  • Heather O,Mara and Marilu Eng.

  • Nicole and Rick Wigginton.

  • Bob Taylor, Linda Shepiro, John Shaw-Woo and Paul Halloran.

  • Diane Cook, Cece Hagan, Emily Digenis, Bridgette Bush, Joanna Caneris.

  • Veronica Johnson, Madison Morreau and Lea Schenk.

  • Linda and Jeff Murrell.

  • Joanna Caneris with Yanks and Maria Skoufalos.

  • Tim Callaghan, Doris Abdallah and Laleh Rezaei.

  • Paula Harshaw and Carmel Person.

  • Josephine Mei and Anita Graves.

  • Judy Payne, Alun Jones, Bill Abdallah, Helen Starr Jones and Carol Thompson.

  • Jerome and Melissa Pascua with Alex and Terry Pascua.

  • Laura Cromer, Onassis Caneris, Mike Flohr.