Greek Glendi 2019

The Hellenic Society of Louisville hosted its annual Greek Glendi at the Olmsted on Feb. 8. The evening included delightful Greek eats that followed the theme of “The Flavors of Modern Greece.”

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Mayor Greg Fischer and Joanna Caneris.

  • Jason Booth, Meghan Dykes, Lori and Mike Balakos, Alena Balakos and Tyler Metevier.

  • Souha Nassar and Joanna Caneris.

  • Joanna Caneris and Souha Nassar.

  • Joanna Caneris, Mayor Fischer and Souha Nassar.

  • Mayor Fischer taking advatage of a great selfie moment.

  • Andrew Canaris, Andrew Taylor, Lauren English, Natalie Nassar, Eleni Digenis and Nick Kyriacou.

  • Jo Wainwright, Jordan and Grace White with Julie and Phil Williams.

  • Evanthia Speliotis, Kristen Kyriacou and Tina Whelan.

  • Patrick and Anna Hayden with Susan and Andre Duff.

  • Diana and Bill Schmied with Emily Digenis.

  • Bill Abdallah, Dr. George Digenis and Dr. Shiao Woo.

  • Heather O,Mara and Marilu Eng.

  • Nicole and Rick Wigginton.

  • Bob Taylor, Linda Shepiro, John Shaw-Woo and Paul Halloran.

  • Diane Cook, Cece Hagan, Emily Digenis, Bridgette Bush, Joanna Caneris.

  • Veronica Johnson, Madison Morreau and Lea Schenk.

  • Linda and Jeff Murrell.

  • Joanna Caneris with Yanks and Maria Skoufalos.

  • Tim Callaghan, Doris Abdallah and Laleh Rezaei.

  • Paula Harshaw and Carmel Person.

  • Josephine Mei and Anita Graves.

  • Judy Payne, Alun Jones, Bill Abdallah, Helen Starr Jones and Carol Thompson.

  • Jerome and Melissa Pascua with Alex and Terry Pascua.

  • Laura Cromer, Onassis Caneris, Mike Flohr.