Great Steamboat Race Party

Steve Humphrey and Janice Carter Levitch hosted a Steamboat Race viewing party at Lincliffe on the evening of May 1. Guests watched as the Belle of Louisville beat the Belle of Cincinnati and wandered through the estate’s glorious gardens.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Stephanie Barret, Kevin Grangier, Janice Carter Levitch, Steve Humphrey, Khandro Butler, Randy Butler, Marrzulena Butler, Steve Bass and Terri Bass.

  • Laura Snyder, Kurt Yahjian, Julie Pecori, Douglas Riddle, Janice Carter Levitch and Patti Moore.

  • Janice Carter Levitch, Evan Carter and Kathy Carter Siebe.

  • Chris Maggard, Natasha Maze and Sheila Omer Ferrell.

  • Kevin Frantz, Stephanie Barret, Kevin Grangier and Liz Gastiger.

  • Terry Meiners, Karen Lawrence, Steve Humphrey, Gary Lawrence, Merry-Kay Poe and Steve Poe.

  • Jon Carloftis and Stacy Jo Greer.