Go Confidently: a Conversation with Iris Apfel

Legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel delivered a talk at the Olmsted on July 10. The 97-year-old shared her secrets to success and living a happy, eclectic life as part of the Norton Healthcare Go Confidently series.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Tinsley Meyer, Stacy Cohen, Iris Apfel and Lynnie Meyer.

  • Laura Wagner and Jennifer Ratoff.

  • Tracy Morrison and Tracy Keller.

  • Susan McCullough, Ashley Keown, Mary Lee O’Bryan, Dianne Pickerill, Jane Bennett and Cynthia McKiernan.

  • Erica Coghill.

  • Iris Apfel.

  • Iris Apfel and Erica Coghill.

  • Lia Laber.

  • Iris Apfel and Erica Coghill.

  • Michal Kruger and Pam Wangel.

  • Susan and Ly'dia Barton.

  • Helen King, Emily Felhoelter, Mary Lou Meyer, Susan Moore and Tinsley Meyer.

  • Sarah Haynes, Mary Lou Meyer, William Meyer with UBS, Marianne Howard, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler and Barbara Zwischenberger.

  • Sarah and Samantha Del Pozo.

  • Danielle Fertig, Norton Healthcare CEO Russell Cox and Erica Coghill.

  • Susan Althaus, Kathryn Hale and Jennifer Palmer.