GLOW Holiday Party

Greater Louisville Outstanding Women and Julia Carstanjen hosted a holiday get-together at Julia’s home on Dec. 12.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Shannon Kessler, Lori Dougherty and Alisa Zanetti.

  • Pat Ballard and Pamela Slung.

  • Terri and Joe Tucker.

  • Tim and Lori Laird.

  • Ladonna Nicolas, Larry Shapin, Gant Hill and Whitney Olsen.

  • Maria Sorolis and Cathi Bingaman.

  • Von Purdy and Gretchen Hunt.

  • Rhonda Jo Conner, Julia Carstanjen and Susie Ades-Pomerance.

  • Susie Ades-Pomerance, Tanya Greenberg and Alyce Weixler.

  • Steve and Alisa Zanetti.

  • Gant Hill and Jennifer Chu.

  • Larry Shapin, Pamela Slung, Deby and John Warmack, Julia Carstanjen, Todd Calvert and Ladonna Nicolas.

  • Tanya Greenberg and Julia Carstanjen.

  • Emmett Ogden, Ja and Lynn Hillebrand with Judge Lauren Ogden.

  • Jay Campbell and Megan Coggeshall.

  • Tanya Greenberg, Susan Vervilles, Lindsey Miller and Pat Ballard.

  • Megan Bayles and Shannon Kessler.

  • Julia Carstanjen and Pat Ballard.

  • Randy O’Connor, Julia Carstanjen and Sherry Yang with Karen and Bill Veith.