Glory Denied Patron Circle Party

On Oct. 22, Kentucky Opera’s Patron Circle members gathered at Blue Grass MOTORSPORT for a preview of “Glory Denied,” the company’s upcoming production. The automotive dealership also celebrated the launch of the 2020 Porsche 911, which guests had the opportunity to view up close.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Ernest and Patricia Williams.

  • Jim and Carla Means.

  • Jackie Rosky and Jim Haynes.

  • Don Burch and Ladonna Nicolas.

  • Larry Shapin, Ladonna Nicolas and Don Burch.

  • Austin Speed, Andrew Wolford, Evan Comer and Tom Carpenter.

  • Woo Speed, Colin McNaughton and Anne Jones.

  • Bella Thomas and Dr. James-Etta.

  • Ron Suter and Tom Hettmansperger with Lynn and Karen Ogden.

  • Steven Crawford, Alexander Scheuermann, Gregory Gerbrandt, Johanna Kvam, Chelsea Miller and Cris Frisch.

  • Kenny and Phyllis McWilliams, Dave and Susan Mateja, Jeannie Miller and Barb and Byron Humke.

  • Mike Brady and Janice Carter Levitch.

  • Mary Lerman, Joyce Jennings, Vicki Asher and Steve McCombs.

  • Matthew Cottrell and Bridget Williams.

  • Ray and Cindy Carcione with Teague deLong.

  • Drew Fellon and Maxine Bird.

  • Paul Paletti with Henry and Marty Kuehn.

  • Randy Biery, Ann Crawford and R.K. Bruce.

  • Melinda Odle and Chris Foreman.

  • Glen Gibson, Joel Richardson and Caroline Nuss.

  • Clarence Rode, Andy Papa and Kevin Schuler.

  • Jackie and Hal Hofman, Mackenzie Lowry and Jeremy Carrier.

  • Joel Richardson and Caroline Nuss.

  • Rose Mary and Lawrence Toebbe.

  • Lisa Klein and Patti Vine.

  • Lisa and Robert Klein with Patti Vine.