Global Gourmet

Photos by Tim Valentino

On September 22, this tasting event took place in the Van Gogh Room at Mellwood Art Center. Supporters of Kentucky Refugee Ministries sampled bites from Wiltshire Pantry, The Clay Oven and many other local restaurants, plus beverages from Brown-Forman. Musicians from around the world performed, including Rafael Tejada Sanchez, Ismail Alawadi, Leng Hlei Sung and more.

  • Vocalist Ling Le Sung from Burma.

  • Vocalist Ling Le Sung from Burma.

  • Vocalist Ling Le Sung from Burma.

  • Vocalist Ling Le Sung from Burma.

  • Vocalist Ling Le Sung from Burma.

  • Kurosh Javid and Mayor Greg Fischer.

  • Rachel Segretto, Dana Lea and Becca O'Niell.

  • KRM Betty Smith Scholarship Winners Nancy Kimanuka and Kham Mangar with Adrienne Eisenmenger.

  • Volunteer award recipient Wenda Webster Fischer.

  • Helen Tadesse, Tedla Desta, Dennis Gray, Wenda Webster Fischer and Chuck Fischer.

  • Opie McGuire and Veronica Jones.

  • Jenny Recktenwald and Toby Peyton.

  • Brian Moss, Sydney Goetz and Daniel Vivian.

  • Portia Watson, Samar and Sahaedar.

  • Adwait Kumar and Mariel Smith.

  • Alaa Alhasani and Mariam Jaleel.

  • Carine Basenge, Mukesha Eduige and Jillian Pearsall.

  • Matt and Coralie Brown, Lisa Rice and Maha Kolko.

  • Pam Ratcliffe, Isam Clarke, Gisele Mellen and Salma Alhadbeethi.

  • Dede and Tucker Oldham and Jenny and Craig Siegenthaler.

  • Evie Wilkinson and Colin Stouffer.

  • Judson Pitman and Leslie Daly.

  • Susan Rhema and Megan Saylor.

  • Jason Crosby, Judy Riendeau, Haleh Karimi and Brian Riendeau.

  • Adrienne Eisenmenger and Jillian Pearsall.

  • Mike Puckett and Chona Camomot.

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