GLI Celebration Party

Friends and staff members of Greater Louisville Inc. celebrated a major accomplishment at the home of GLI President and CEO Kent Oyler on Aug. 21. GLI was recently named the 2019 Chamber of the Year for large chambers of commerce by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Kent and Kathy Oyler with Gerard and Susan Colman.

  • Kathy Oyler and Tommy Newton with The DFH Company.

  • Sarah Gibson, Jessie Schook and Megan Mayer.

  • Carla Wright and Purna Veer.

  • ​Elaine Crockett, Allie Wise and Ellen Cunanan.

  • Melissa Banks and Mr. GLI Charles Aull.

  • ​Gwenevere and Dale Josey with Mike and Jennifer Ash.

  • Carly Launius and Lisa Bajorinas.

  • Katie Coe and Erin McKinney.

  • Rashawnda and Alex Browder with Christine Tarquinio.

  • Kent Oyler, Theresa and Shawn Canaday with James Giesel.

  • ​Miss GLI Miriam Nally, John Crockett, Deana Karem and Shawna Burton.

  • ​Miss GLI Kim James, Connie Grosse, Anh Cao and Keisha Lamb.

  • ​Ray and Carolyn Strothman with Sarah Davasher-Wisdom and Rodney Wisdom.

  • Mariah Gratz, Jim Allen, Mayor Greg Fischer and Kent Oyler.

  • Jackie Bellar, COO of LG&E and KU Lonnie Bellar, Jennifer and Mike Ash with Don Kelly.

  • Samuel Cardine, Ameerah Palacios, Terri Weber, Jessie Schook, Jordan Noble and Jonny Palacios.

  • ​Jennifer Willis, Carla Wright and Shawna Burton.