The Giving Tree Gala

Photos by Tim Valentino

The Olive Branch Foundation debuted their inaugural gala in high fashion at The Marcus Lindsey on Friday, November 3. Founded by Anissa Neubauer, the nonprofit raises funds for domestic adoption awareness and support, offering grants to individuals and organizations to help facilitate domestic adoptions.

  • Jim and Claudette Patton, Stephanie Clements and Kim Foster.

  • Zach Trusty, Herschel Zahnd and Mary Riehl.

  • Terri Boroughs and Jeff and Melanie Grimm.

  • Chuck and Kim Morton

  • Cory and Abby Letourneau.

  • Judge Darryl Lavery and Misty Newkirk.

  • Leighan and Public Protection Secretary David Dickerson, Kelly Abell and David Huber.

  • Chris Gibson and Cheryl Nichols of DCI.

  • TPatti and Ronnie Goldstein and Kelly Hertzman.

  • Jama Tapp, Tonda Barron and Grace Akers.

  • Frank, Lauren and Carolyn Eiter.

  • Julie Torzewski and Julie Garrison.

  • Cameryn Cline and Taylor Flake.

  • Gretchen and Greg Wilkins.

  • Olive Branch Foundation Founder Anissa Neubauer, Lindsey Brodsky and Katy Moody Cusik.

  • Kurt and Anissa Neubauer.

  • Kurt and Anissa Neubauer.

  • Joe Hertzman, Misty Jones, Dr. Kimathi Doss and Kurt Neubauer.

  • Alfred Gerriets II, Tawana Bain, Julie and Doug Dorsey and Kim and Kendrick Heath.

  • Cameryn, Tracey and John Cline.

  • Amanda Kuster and Lindsey Brodsky.

  • Jessica Cole and Bob DeRossett.