George Garvin’s 1933 Brunch

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On Dec. 5, Old Forester and Makers–Agency presented an exclusive George Garvin’s 1933 Brunch Club at 21c Museum Hotel. Guests enjoyed a three-course brunch prepared by Proof on Main, prohibition-style cocktails and live entertainment with intrigue and wonder around every corner.

  • Brendan and Keri Kennedy.

  • Jonathan and Erin Napier with Michele and Eric Garnett.

  • Susan Duncan, Jacqui Chittenden and Shannon Crump.

  • Haley and Garnett Phelps with Casey and John Gray.

  • Megan Simon and Erica Outlaw.

  • Megan Simon, Erica Outlaw and Josh Merideth.

  • Kam Jones and Victoria Russell.

  • Lenny and Sarah Rudisel.

  • Jayme Desocio and Lauren Lloyd.

  • Tina and Glenn Gail.

  • Jane Hale and Sarah Bryant.

  • Kyle Bailey and Matthew Williams.

  • Ashley and Javeare White.

  • Ellis Tarver.